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    Service management

    Lysoform Group of Companies frees you from unnecessary worries about maintaining cleanliness. We provide a range of cleaning services for all types of real estate and surrounding areas: industrial premises (plants and factories), warehouses, offices, educational institutions, fitness clubs, restaurants. We undertake coordination of processes of cleaning, maintenance and other services.



    Service management

    Cleaning services

    Our company ensures the high-quality cleaning owing to use of professional chemicals, tools and machines from the world’s leading manufacturers.

    We offer a set of services for maintaining cleanness and observing sanitary standards:

    • cleaning and disinfection of premises
    • washing of windows, walls and façade
    • deep cleaning of sofas and armchairs, carpets and carpet flooring
    • cold fog disinfection (aerosol method)


    Dry cleaning and laundry

    Professional services of laundry and dry cleaning for healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants:

    • laundering of hotel linen
    • laundering of café and restaurant linen
    • laundering of medical linen
    • laundering of workwear and uniform
    • dry cleaning of down coats, wedding gowns, furs, bed covers, terry bathrobes, etc.


    Facility management

    We ease the premises owners of resolving any industrial issues:

    • recruitment and training of personnel
    • purchase of cleaning equipment, latest tools, certified detergents and consumables
    • coordination of all cleaning company’s specialists in premises servicing and cleaning as a whole complex

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