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Our history

"Lysoform" Group is an exclusive representative of the "Lysoform Dr.
Hans Rosemann GmbCH", Diversey and Kreussler in the territory of Ukraine.

Today, a mention of "Lysoform" is rightfully regarded as a symbol of hygiene and disinfection in the countries of Europe, CIS, North and South America, in the territory of Asia, Africa and Australia.

The mission of "Lysoform" Group is to introduce the latest technologies for hygiene and disinfection with a purpose to create safe conditions for all mankind.

"Lysoform" Group operates on the market since 1995 and prove itself to be a reliable supplier of the professional chemicals, disinfectants and cleaning equipment for the healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, plants, food factories, beauty salons, supermarkets and laundries.

Our activity allows the customers to focus on their business and household affairs and leave any troubles to us.

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The main principle of the company is to keep invariable high quality of products as a warranty of life protection and safety.
The commitment to this principle is kept over the whole time of the company existence and passed down through gener ations.