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    Charity run in Berlin 6th of November

    Hello everyone, As you may already know, we are organizing a charity run at this year’s “Teltowkanal Halbmarathon“ on the 6th of November in Berlin.  …

    Hello everyone,

    As you may already know, we are organizing a charity run at this year’sTeltowkanal Halbmarathon on the 6th of November in Berlin

    Each kilometer run by the participants will be rewarded by our sponsors with a donation to the Ukraine Haus e.V.
    Everyone who is related to the Ukraine HausLysoform and C. Bechstein can participate in this charity run, e.g. members, employees, residents, supporters. It is our goal to bring together as many runners as possible for the good cause.

    The total distance of 21.1 km can be run individually or as a relay team.
    If you would like to participate in the run, simply add your name to >> this list <<. If you have already put your team together, add the team number to its members in the list.
    We need to inform our sponsors of the number of teams by the 20th of October. So please, spread the word and put your name on the list by then.

    Additionally, children until the age of six, can participate in a 800 m run, together with their parents. The children’s run will take place before the half-marathon distance. You can inform us the week before the run whether your children wants to participate and also add their names to the list.

    This is a great opportunity to spend a fun day together with all of the supporters and related people of the Ukraine Haus, Lysoform and C. Bechstein.
    Let’s bring attention and donations to this project!

    We are looking forward to a large attendance.


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