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    Scope of activities

    Medical hygiene

    "Lysoform" Group offers the complex hygienic system for health facilities:
    Inventory and means for personal hygiene, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
    We have collected the exhaustive set of the up-to-date products which enable to create the safe conditions for treatment of patients and comfortable work of personnel.

    Communal hygiene

    We have collected for you everything needed for servicing the restaurants, hotels, fitness-centres, transport, offices, supermarkets, trading centres, laundries, dry-cleaners and educational institutions.
    "Lysoform" Group offers a complex solution of cleanliness and hygiene issues:
    professional chemicals for cleaning and disinfection, high-quality inventory and equipment for cleaning, dosing systems and means of personal hygiene.
    We perform a repair of kitchen and laundry equipment, sales of spare parts, as well as design and installation of kitchen and laundry equipment.

    Service management

    "Lysoform" Group saves you of unnecessary troubles with the cleanness control.
    We provide a set of cleaning services for all types of premises and adjacent areas:
    industrial premises (plants and factories), warehouses, offices, educational institutions, fitness-clubs and restaurants.
    We undertake coordination of cleaning, technical maintenance and other services.

    Industrial hygiene

    Lysoform Company offers professional certified detergents and disinfectants of the Diversey, Blanidas and Suez trademarks for performing sanitary hygiene, treatment and purification of water at enterprises of any industries including:
    food industry (production of beer and beverage, dairy production, meat processing, oil-fat production, confectionery, etc.), chemical, metallurgical, energy industry, etc.


    "Lysoform" Group develops and launches the wide range of chemical products.
    We specializes on the medical products, cosmetics and professional means for cleaning, hygiene and disinfection of premises.
    We make products of absolutely different formats including:
    wipes, gels, antiseptics, detergent powders, chlorine tablets, etc.

    Ukrainian Hause in Berlin

    The Ukraine House in Berlin provides space for more than 300 people in need of shelter. This project was founded in 2022 as a result of the war in Ukraine. Many employees of our Ukrainian subsidiaries and partners had to flee with their families. Therefore, on the initiative of C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG and Lysoform Dr. Hans Rosemann GmbH, the project " Ukraine House" was established in Berlin as the first shelter in Germany for people who had to flee Ukraine.